Gesiberica are the effective and economical solution for the outsourcing of your real-estate management, provided via our more than 28 years of experience in the market. We draw upon:

  • A multi-disciplinary professional team.
  • National coverage of offices and technical specialists.
  • Extensive knowledge of all aspects of the real-estate sector.
  • Track record in real-estate management, sales, marketing, consulting and valuation.
  • Centralised structure to optimise co-ordination of diverse activities.

Professional technical team

  • More than 260 engineers, technical architects and higher architects distributed across the country, guaranteeing coverage and reliable service.
  • Internal legal department providing legal advice, as well as collaboration with recognised external experts.
  • Architectural and urban planning department, expert in production of urban plans and architectural project plans, as well as hands-on management of construction works.
  • Network of dedicates sales offices and trained sales personnel.
  • Multi-disciplinary team to meet demands of different sectors.

Uptodate digital technology.

  • I.T. support systems to guarentee application of human resource to scheduled activities.
  • Specific milestones and follow-ups to ensure delivery of results.

At Gesiberica we offer a one-stop service for real-estate asset management, tailored specifically to your needs, to save you devoting your own resources to matters better outsourced.

Integrated asset-management covering purchase, feasibility study, project development, maintenance and marketing.

Divestment strategies.

Ongoing professional consulting service.

Cost control, both of your resources and those provided by us.

Visibilty of all activities in progress.

Tailored reporting of processes, 360o feedback.

Rapid response – no delays due to lack of clear objectives, infrastructure or resources.

Personalised attention, with constant follow-up and focus on results.


  • The mission of GESIBERICA ASSET MANAGEMENT is to provide the best client service and to provide maximum satisfaction, exceeding expectations. To that end, we offer the most professional, most immediate, and most efficient response to clients and users.
  • A strong and clear client orientation forms the foundation of our development and growth. We offer BPO services and maintain firm commitment to our clients, to prevailing legislation, to continuous improvement in the effectiveness of our systems and to quality management, based on ISO 9001:2015.
  • All of the personnel at GESIBERICA ASSET MANAGEMENT know and commit to this Quality Policy, which serves as a reference for setting and revising the objectives of the organisation.


  • GESIBERICA ASSET MANAGEMENT, via constant update of technologies, seeks every day to make its management processes faster and more efficient, as well as compliant with the defined quality parameters.
  • GESIBERICA ASSET MANAGEMENT commits to quality as a foundational element of our company culture. To that end we commit ourselves to the provision of services in an environment of continuous improvement, in order to gaurantee the quality of our activities.
  • The management team of GESIBERICA ASSET MANAGEMENT is responsible for providing an environment which reflects the organisation´s attitude to quality, creating a culture which puts planning, compliance and prevention ahead of inspection and correction.
  • Compliance with established requirements contributes to the organisation´s competitive edge, strengthening its growing presence in the market and its contributions to public projects.


  • Technological Innovation.
  • Professionalism, Rigour, Efficiency.
  • Confidentiality, Integrity.
  • Participation, Innovation, and Communication.
  • Ongoing Professional Development.
  • Personal Potential, Concilliation, Equality.